The Swiss Center for International Education, in conjunction with Weba Exchange Service International, also offers a placement service for international students aged 15 to 18 who intend to attend public middle and high schools in all Cantons of the Swiss Confederation. In addition to the renowned Boarding Schools, compulsory and post-compulsory education in Switzerland (a multilingual and federalist state) at public and private schools is considered to be of the highest standard; Swiss high-school degrees (equivalent to A-Levels in the UK) allow graduates to enrol in all Swiss universities.

SCIE has selected the best public and private schools, which offer enrolment at significantly lesser costs than those generally applied by boarding schools. Our Option Packages also include complete boarding arrangements and other services.

Swiss Baccalaureate

Swiss High Schools issue diplomas called “Abitur” in German, “Baccalauréat” or “Diplôme d'études secondaires” in French, “Maturità” in Italian, which correspond to the GCE A-Levels in the UK or the High School Diploma in the USA; these diplomas allow access to universities throughout Switzerland. High school education offers students the opportunity to acquire solid basic knowledge that is designed to foster a spirit of openness and independent judgment. High schools do not provide specialized or vocational training, but rather a broad, general education that gives students the necessary skills to pursue their higher education. High school education is composed of fundamental subjects (first and second national language, a third language which can be a third national language, English, Greek or Latin, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, geography, visual arts and / or music), a specific option (which can be chosen from eight subjects or groups of subjects), a complementary option (which can be chosen from fourteen subjects) and a final dissertation. Not all schools offer all of these subjects, and the range proposed by each school depends on cantonal regulations.

Besides official cantonal study curricula, students can receive their high school diploma by studying for (and passing) the Swiss High School Exam; students can study privately for the exam, which is rare, or they can attend recognized private institutes that will prepare them for it. These courses are based on the same curricula at federal level, but the fundamental difference with the official cantonal high school programs is that candidates will sit the exam in front of an external commission composed by teachers who do not know the student and have not followed their progress throughout the four years of public high school education.

Bilingual Baccalureate

Today’s globalised society requires more mobility and flexibility to face the professional challenges of the future, and linguistic fluency is a core skill. Over the last few decades, many educational institutes of the Swiss Confederation have developed a bilingual baccalaureate curriculum, which often offers English as a second language, in conjunction with the language spoken in the canton of schooling. Generic training does not undergo variations with regard to programs, but second-language teaching hours increase by about 1/4 in relation to the normal curriculum of studies. Furthermore, starting from the second or third year of high school, the student may choose to attend certain subjects in the second language chosen and, consequently, take the cantonal or federal examination in that language.

International Baccalaureate

The "International Baccalaureate Organization" (IBO) was founded in Geneva in 1968 as a non-profit organization for education. Its aim is to ensure the development and management of a study program tailored to the needs of new expat students, providing an internationally recognized degree that emphasizes the added value of the intercultural experience whilst fostering the development of deeper and more peaceful human relations through mutual understanding and respect.


SCIE will select a residential solution that will allow students to be placed in welcoming homestay families that are selected according to the criteria and responsibilities agreed in the contract such as educational skills, seriousness, responsibility, and the availability of spaces that can guarantee the student’s privacy and learning autonomy. We are constantly in touch with families for any eventuality, and we offer round-the-clock support. In some cases, where families cannot ensure the presence of a family member at lunchtime or when the educational institute is far from home, SCIE can arrange lunch in the school canteen or in the immediate vicinity of the school. The evening meal, on the other hand, must be guaranteed by the family. Board and lodging fees are included in the subscription costs.

Host Family’s Responsibilities
General tasks

The host family must provide students with a welcoming, healthy, clean, and safe environment. It must also ensure flexibility, listening, acceptance, and availability to cooperate with the student’s family and SCIE at all times.

Specific tasks
  • The family has to deal with the student personally and not rely on the care of third parties;
  • The family must offer independent study spaces, and involve the students in daily communication in order to promote language learning;
  • All transports require the student’s parental authorization;
  • Healthy and adequate nutrition must be guaranteed at all times.
  • In the case of any illness, the host family must follow the instructions of the student’s parents and never administer drugs or treatments without the express and specific consent of the student’s family and the student’s GP.
  • Remuneration is calculated on the basis of income.

Middle and High Schools with Boarding Options

Some schools provide accommodation and meals for the pupils during term time. Students live on campus for the duration of their studies. The boarding schools we have selected (and at which we are officially accredited) provide students with complete educational coverage and challenging curricula. We are constantly in touch with the schools, and academic progress is constantly monitored by the school and by SCIE.

“Parificate” Schools

“Parificate” Swiss schools are private middle and high schools that are officially recognised by the State, and whose degrees are equivalent to those of State schools, hence recognised at national level. These schools offer students great development opportunities they will need in order to become well-rounded individuals with exciting opportunities for their future. “Parificate” schools are founded on a long and prestigious history of excellence in education and offer first-rate programs that will enable students to develop their skills in a comprehensive manner.

The learning environment at these schools is extremely well-planned, with small classes that allow highly-motivated and experienced teachers to focus their attention on the class as a group but also on the single student, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment as well as special educational programs for special needs or talents. “Parificate” Swiss schools are playing a pioneering role in creating international programs that combine the proven excellence in Swiss education with an international flair. Thanks to this innovative approach, these schools will provide your children with the tools and skills they need to compete and excel in today’s globalised professional world.

Option Packages (Middle and High School only)

The beginning and end of the school year varies according to the Canton of study; lessons start between the second half of August and the beginning of September and end between the second half of June and the beginning of July).

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
You can choose all the cantons except the cantons and the cities of Geneva or Zürich. You can choose all the cantons, including Zurich and Geneva, except the cities of Geneva or Zürich. You can choose all the cantons, including the cantons and cities of Zürich and Geneva.
Services included in the price, valid for all option packages
- Enrolment in High School in Switzerland;
- Textbooks;
- Host Family option: breakfast and dinner on weekdays, full pension at the weekend, laundry service;
- School with boarding option: services vary depending on the school;
- Airport pick-up and drop-off (Zuerich / Geneva / Lugano / Milan);
- School bus where available;
- Compulsory health insurance;
- ID for Middle School or High School
Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Host Family Host Family Host Family
CHF 30,000 CHF 33,000 CHF 36,000
School with boarding option School with boarding option School with boarding option
CHF 36,000 CHF 39,000 CHF 42,000

SCIE's Responsibilities

SCIE welcomes and accompanies families from the choice of the educational institution, the Canton and the Option Package, until the end of the chosen study curriculum or until the end of the annual contract.

SCIE's aim is to safeguard the well-being of the students, whether they choose the Homestay or Boarding option, and is always in touch with families and students. SCIE can be contacted at any time by students and their families.

SCIE evaluates the educational skills, as well as the moral and ethical values of host families. We make sure that students fit in smoothly, that their personality and culture is fully respected, and that they are involved in family life and activities. SCIE will immediately intervene if the host family does not meet their contractual obligations.

SCIE carefully monitors the student's academic performance and, in case of need, tries to find the solutions that are relevant to the student’s needs or problems, in cooperation with the school and the family. We kindly ask families to inform SCIE of any special measures that they might deem necessary or useful in order to solve issues that their children might encounter during their studies. These measures must be agreed upon before the contract is signed.