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The schools at which we are accredited meet with the overall vision and educational principles matured by the founders of SCIE in their long experience. We are aware that each individual is unique and complex and has a range of talents and virtues that might remain hidden when teaching does not take into account essential aspects of life such as respect, compassion, kindness, creativity, the ability to take responsibility and make decisions. In order to become world citizens, educated and aware, students must develop transversal skills such as the love for knowledge, intellectual curiosity, creative thinking, and the desire to discover oneself, in addition to the rigorous study of traditional subjects with the aim of obtaining the International Baccalaureate (IB).

The Schools of excellence that we have selected are particularly keen to develop these aspects, which are essential for the harmonious development of the student’s personality. They offer students the support they need in order to prove their abilities and their talents in a balanced and correct way. In order to achieve these goals, the schools that we have selected offer students a wide range of extra-curricular activities, including sport, music and the arts. These activities are essential not only to improve self-awareness, but also to understand how to live in a community of individuals developing character traits such as loyalty and respect. Students enjoy a family atmosphere and can count on a comprehensive relational support network for help and assistance. In this challenging and rewarding environment, students have the possibility to achieve their full potential. If a pupil falls behind, staff are highly qualified and trained to deal with the situation and can provide the necessary tools to get through this difficult period, turning difficulties into opportunities.

Enrolling a child in a school abroad means families have to go through a critical separation stage. SCIE is particularly aware of the difficulties and the emotional distress that this delicate moment entails. Therefore, besides dealing with immigration procedures, we welcome families in Switzerland and offer them the necessary emotional support (for instance through organized stays, carefully planned cultural itineraries and guided tours), to provide a smooth transition and an optimal approach to the new environment their children will call home for the coming years.