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The Swiss Center for International Education (SCIE) is an educational institution that welcomes young people from abroad who wish to pursue their secondary education (middle school and high school) in Switzerland or go into further education at a Swiss institution of higher education after successfully completing compulsory school in their country of origin. Swiss boarding schools are considered to be among the best in the world and are renowned for their high academic standards, strict discipline, quality of teaching, and international focus. Most of these international schools offer a wide range of courses, including special summer programs, with English as the main language. However, given the importance of foreign languages to the curriculum of Swiss private schools and the Swiss public education system in general, many schools offer bilingual teaching as well as courses in German, French and other European languages. Graduates of Swiss boarding schools gain admission to and succeed in some of the most competitive colleges and universities in Switzerland and around the world.

In this context, our long professional experience in the field of teaching and psychology, the thorough and extensive knowledge of the Swiss education system and of the academic requirements of the most important and renowned Swiss boarding schools, allows SCIE to offer families and students a comprehensive study course which will help them to develop the knowledge, skills, tools, and resources required to access this highly demanding (and rewarding) learning environment.

At SCIE, we believe that the primary responsibility for an individual's development rests with the individual, and that motivation, hard work, and discipline represent the cornerstones of a successful professional career. From the initial, in-depth analysis and assessment of the student’s educational background in their country of origin until the enrollment in a Swiss boarding school or in a Swiss institution of higher education, our mission and our goal is to teach, encourage, support, and provide all the resources needed to help families and young people in this crucial stage of their personal and academic development.

After meeting the students and their families in their country of origin, and based on the analysis and assessment of the student's educational background, current grades and results, strengths and weaknesses, we prepare a dynamic and challenging study program which is structured in phases designed to ensure that students receive the best possible assistance and training, tailored to meet the student's and the family's needs and expectations. A thorough analysis and comparison of the Swiss school's academic requirements with the student's situation will allow SCIE to offer detailed and comprehensive study plans for all the required school subjects. For this purpose, we have also developed a Skills Portfolio that will allow students to track and assess their own progress.
By choosing to attend a Swiss boarding school, every year students from all over the world choose to invest in their future; they meet people from other cultures, build friendships, and strive for success in their studies. At SCIE, we firmly believe in this choice and its importance for your future. We believe in knowledge, lifelong learning, wisdom, and character. At SCIE, we believe in you and in your potential, not just as a student but as a person. This is our mission and our passion.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to Switzerland.

Alberto Giuffrida